World’s Best Internet Marketing Tools

By : Nidhi Gupta

Nothing can replace the human mind for coming up with innovative ways to market your business online. But, there are some great tools that will help a lot. Add your mind to them and you’ll have a dynamite combination.

Internet Marketing Tools - Tools

The first thing you need, and it’s probably one of the best inventions ever made is an Autoresponder. For those who don’t know, an autoresponder is a service that will send out emails to your prospects and customers for you. This can either be in reply to an inquiry from the prospect or simply as a broadcast message over time to inform the prospect of your offer. If you want to know what the world’s top autoresponder service is, it’s Aweber, hands down. Their service is second to none and the things that you can do with their autoresponder are almost limitless.

Another very important tool for Internet marketing is an Article submitter. The reason for this is because content is king on the Internet. The more articles you write and the more you submit, the more people who will read these articles and ultimately come to your web site. Unfortunately, there are only so many articles you can submit at one time by hand.

Therefore, having an article submitter, where you can submit an article to multiple sites at once, is a real time saver. Probably the best article submitter service on the Internet is Article Marketer. You can’t go wrong with them.

Another very important tool for Internet marketing is a Keyword selection tool. The reason this is important is because when you write your articles, you want to target keywords that people are looking up regularly, but also don’t have a lot of competition. This is very hard and time consuming to do by hand, but if you have a keyword tool to do the job for you, this can save you hours of work. Probably the best keyword selection tool on the Internet, hands down, is Keyword Elite.

If you’re going to create digital products, such as ebooks, then you’re going to need a tool to create PDF files. There are many tools that do this, but if you want the best and not even have to pay anything for it (yes it’s free) then download Open Office. The PDF creator that comes with it allows you to create PDF files that have security built into them so that you don’t have to worry about your PDFs being distributed illegally.

Obviously, there are more tools than the ones mentioned above, but these should get you started. If you want to learn, not only about more tools, but also about every aspect of Internet marketing from A-Z, get the tools and the products to run an effective business.

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